The Best Time to Water Grass in Texas

In Texas, recommended best watering times for lawn grass are during the wee hours of the morning. Experts recommend setting your sprinklers for a 4 am shower. At that time, the air is usually still, which prevents the wind from blowing the water into certain patterns.

Also, the temperature is not so hot that the water evaporates before the ground can absorb it.

Houston, Texas, has a sub-tropical climate, meaning you get plenty of rainfall and high levels of humidity. That combination can make for some uncomfortable summer weather. Of course, this weather does aid in keeping lawns looking green and lush.  That doesn’t mean home and business owners in Houston don’t have to water their lawns, however.

best time to water grass in Texas

Dallas doesn’t have the sub-tropical climate of Houston, but it’s not as arid as West Texas. However, watering during the day still allows the sun to evaporate a large portion of the water before it is absorbed into the ground. Whether your commercial property is in Houston or Dallas, the guidance below will establish the best times to water grass in Texas.

In the rest of Texas, high summer temperatures and stretches of low rainfall can negatively affect area lawns. Fortunately, you can keep your yard looking great all year round if you know these basics for watering grass in Texas:

How Long Should I Run My Sprinklers in Texas?

Running your sprinklers for about fifteen minutes each morning is a great starting point. Then, monitor your property for results. If you’re seeing runoff during or after your irrigation times, fifteen minutes may be too long, and you can experiment with shorter watering periods.

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn in Texas?

Because rain conditions vary, you may need to adjust your Texas lawn watering frequency on an as-needed basis.

You can adjust your lawn watering schedule in Houston or Dallas based on your unique lawn and landscape.

best time to water lawn in Texas

You know that you are over-watering if your lawn experiences runoff. This practice is bad for your lawn and harmful for the environment. No city or state can afford to waste water.

Watering Bermuda, Zoysia and St. Augustine Grass

Watering grass in Texas varies according to the type of grass you have.

Best Time to Water St. Augustine Grass in Texas

For new St. Augustine grass, the time of year will determine how long you need to water. For the first three and last three months of the year, five hours every 10 days will normally do the trick. During the middle of the year, running your sprinkler for about two hours every other day will typically keep your grass healthy.

For established St. Augustine grass, the first and last three months of the year will only require about five hours of watering every two to three weeks. During the middle of the year, run your sprinkler system for around five hours every week to keep your grass from burning out.

Best Time to Water Bermuda Grass in Texas

Bermuda grass requires approximately 1 – 1.25 inches of water per week to stay healthy during the summertime months. If the ground is sandy, a half inch of water needs to be applied once every third day to keep grass growing as it should.

Best Time to Water Zoysia Grass in Texas

Zoysia grass does not require great deal of water because it is drought resistant. In fact, watering Zoysia grass requires only 1/2 to 1 inch of water each week to keep it looking green and growing well throughout the summer

how long should I water my lawn in Texas

If your lawn has a different grass variety, consult with your lawn care expert for watering recommendations.

Trusted Commercial Lawn Care Services

If you need commercial lawn care in Houston, call on Silversand Services. Our experts in lawn care and landscaping services can advise you on the best watering schedule for your grass variety and recommend changes if your current lawn is not thriving.

The climate in Texas varies greatly, so you need to know exactly how to handle the effects of Houston or Dallas weather on your lawn. In the summer, your grass may receive lots of rain or experience occasional drought conditions. Knowing the best time to water grass in Texas is only a start, but your lawn will need more tailored care to perform optimally.

We make certain that your lawn looks great all year round. We offer both Houston and Dallas commercial landscaping and lawn care for commercial properties and HOAs.

For your free estimate, contact us online. Your lawn should be an asset to your property or community. With our Texas commercial lawn care services, it will be.