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When to Fertilize Your Lawn in Houston, Texas

When is the best time to fertilize lawn in Texas? The right fertilizer at the right time improves the vigor of a lawn, fortifying it against disease, insects, and environmental stress. It’s an absolutely critical part of your lawn maintenance and landscaping in Houston. For the best results when you fertilize your lawn in Houston, […]

When to Plant Grass in Houston – Best Grass for Houston, TX

A lush expanse of soft green lawn is the perfect accent to the curb appeal of your stately Houston home, while it also cools the facades of the city’s many business parks and office buildings. Whether seeding or sodding a Houston lawn, there are grass seed choices to make, and optimal planting circumstances to note […]

The Best Time to Water Grass in Texas

In Texas, recommended best watering times for lawn grass are during the wee hours of the morning. Experts recommend setting your sprinklers for a 4 am shower. At that time, the air is usually still, which prevents the wind from blowing the water into certain patterns. Also, the temperature is not so hot that the water evaporates before […]

How to Prevent Dog Pee from Killing Grass

Does Dog Pee Kill Grass? Your community members love their pets, and taking them outside for routine potty breaks is just part of life. That’s not to say that pets in your community can’t be irritating at times, particularly when they harm your beautiful common areas. As dogs, it’s in their nature to roam your […]

How to Get Rid of Texas Crabgrass

Everyone wants an attractive lawn, but it’s not the reality for most commercial properties. During the peak summer months when your grass is on the verge of burnout, you might notice that the crabgrass thrives and even chokes out the rest of your lawn. How do you get rid of crabgrass in Texas? Knowing how […]

When Is the Best Time to Lay Sod in Texas?

While Texas is generally warm, its climate does vary from hot and dry (West Texas) to hot and humid (Coastal Texas). Fortunately, several grass varieties thrive in the state, allowing you to have a healthy, green lawn year-round. Best Time to Lay Sod in Texas Creating and maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn means you […]

Slow Release Fertilizer vs. Fast Release Fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn properly, things can get a bit tricky. Start by reading the label on your lawn fertilizer container, but even then, you might find yourself shrugging in confusion. You’ll see a variety of ingredients. But what does your type of grass require to flourish? Is the answer slow release […]

How to Get Rid of Tree Saplings in Lawns

Looking to discover how to get rid of saplings in your lawn and how to stop tree shoots from growing? We’ll define the terms, give you some tips, and reveal more about this essential landscaping task. What Are Tree Seedlings in Lawn? Tree seedlings or saplings are new baby trees up from seed. Now, newborns […]

Fast-Growing Plants for Privacy from Neighbors

The weather is warming up, and you’re thinking about the best privacy plant screens and outdoor privacy trees to use for your backyard in Texas. Or maybe your commercial property in Texas could maybe use some good privacy plants. You can like your neighbors or the tenants next door, but that doesn’t mean you want […]