How to Get Rid of Texas Crabgrass

Everyone wants an attractive lawn, but it’s not the reality for most commercial properties. During the peak summer months when your grass is on the verge of burnout, you might notice that the crabgrass thrives and even chokes out the rest of your lawn. How do you get rid of crabgrass in Texas?

how to get rid of crabgrass in Texas

Knowing how to kill Texas crabgrass will help you keep your lawn looking as green as possible. Follow these steps to rid your yard of crabgrass yourself, or to help you select a weed control service.

What Is Crabgrass?

This renegade weedy grass that seems to have a mind of its own belongs to the species Digitaria. The chances are that if crabgrass has invaded your lawn, it’s either large or smooth crabgrass. While it is most often found in lawns that lack the proper irrigation or fertilization, crabgrass can still appear in well-tended lawns.

Property and community managers tend to trust our Houston commercial lawn care services and Dallas commercial lawn care services for their crabgrass control. We know how to get rid of crabgrass in your lawn, and how to work with the Texas atmosphere in the process.

Herbicides for Killing Crabgrass

Knowing what stage your crabgrass is in will determine if you try a pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicide. Pre-emergent herbicides for killing crabgrass will kill seedlings as they germinate. A pre-emergent herbicide is typically best when mixed with lawn fertilizer.

Post-emergent herbicides for killing crabgrass control growth after germination. They are typically applied as a spray directly on the troubled grass after it has sprouted.

Texas crabgrass killer

How to Kill Texas Crabgrass in Different Grass Species

Your grass type will determine the method you or your lawn service will use to get rid of crabgrass.

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in St. Augustine Grass

A turfgrass, St. Augustine is a popular choice for the Southern U.S. due to its ability to thrive in subtropical and tropical climates. While St. Augustine grass usually crowds out weeds, sometimes crabgrass pops up.

The first step of figuring out how to get rid of crabgrass in St. Augustine grass is to choose a weed killer that is compatible with this grass type.

You might think that killing crabgrass in summer is ideal because that’s when it seems to overtake your lawn, but it is best to treat the area in the spring when you begin watering your lawn more. As your watering promotes growth, counteract that with a crabgrass-killing pesticide.

If you notice crabgrass in the summer, make sure you treat your lawn with a compatible post-emergent herbicide for crabgrass.

Getting Rid of Crabgrass in Bermuda Grass

Anyone who’s ever teed off on a golf course has probably seen Bermuda grass. This warm-weather grass is even known as the “South’s Grass” for its popularity in the Southern U.S.

Getting rid of crabgrass in Bermuda grass takes constant attention. Bermuda grass tends to be a fast-growing grass, so if crabgrass starts popping up, it’s best to attack the problem immediately and aggressively. Knowing how to get rid of crabgrass in the summer is especially important, as the summer months are when crabgrass seems to grow the most in Bermuda grass.

The method follows the same basic format you would use for St. Augustine grass: pull the bulk of the weeds, treat with an herbicide that is compatible with your grass, re-seed the bare spots and water the lawn deeply.

how to kill crabgrass in Texas

Make sure you treat your lawn with pre-emergent herbicides for killing crabgrass the following Spring.

How to Kill Crabgrass in Zoysia Grass

Touted as a low-maintenance, hardy, and slow-growing grass, Zoysia grass can still become invaded with crabgrass. Low-maintenance can allow crabgrass to go unnoticed until the problem has taken root (sorry).

The best way to kill crabgrass in Zoysia grass is to prevent crabgrass growth in the first place by not cutting your lawn too short. Taller grass (about 2.5 to 3 inches) will shade your lawn’s undergrowth and inhibit crabgrass growth. Remove clumps of crabgrass and water the area enough to loosen the crabgrass roots. Next, follow with a compatible herbicide.

Crabgrass Weed Control in Texas

If you’re battling Texas crabgrass, determining the best way to get rid of crabgrass can seem overwhelming. We are here to help. Contact us today for a quote on crabgrass weed control in Houston or Dallas Texas.