When to Plant Grass in Houston – Best Grass for Houston, TX

A lush expanse of soft green lawn is the perfect accent to the curb appeal of your stately Houston home, while it also cools the facades of the city’s many business parks and office buildings.

Whether seeding or sodding a Houston lawn, there are grass seed choices to make, and optimal planting circumstances to note for your landscaping and yard maintenance in Texas.

when to plant grass in Houston

Planting Your Lawn in Houston 

When do you plant grass seed in Texas? Several factors play into when to plant grass in Houston, including its environment, its intended location, and its intended use.

Understanding how to grow grass in Texas will ensure that you get a lawn you love, whether you seed it or sod it. Continue reading for more Houston lawn care tips.

Your specific location and environment will suggest the type or species of grass to choose when planting grass in Texas.

Texas has both warm and cool growing seasons and Houston’s growing season is in the warm category, with an average annual temperature in the high 60’s and an average rainfall of just over 45 inches.

Your grass seed choice should be one that grows well in Houston’s warmer climate environment. 

Most commercial landscaping companies in Houston should be able to consult on the best variation for your unique situation.

Where to Plant Grass

Where you plant is also a factor. Some grasses must have full sun exposure, while others can tolerate a little or a lot of shade. Be sure to choose a species suited for your location.

Tree planting in Houston is common, so your grass may be planted under trees or into an open field. Some people use a seed mix of sun- and shade-tolerant species to ensure optimal growth in any location. 

Additionally, the soil under either the grass seed or sod should be prepared before the turf goes in. Check the soil’s Ph balance to determine the types of nutrients it needs to best support your future lush and healthy lawn.

best time to plant grass seed in Texas

And don’t forget water levels while planting grass in Texas! Some grasses need only minimal watering, while others will wilt and die in even mild drought conditions.

The best time to water grass in Texas will depend on the species of grass you have. Be sure your location will provide the right amount of moisture for the species of grass you choose. 

Finally, select a grass seed type that best suits your intended use. Areas that will have lots of foot traffic will need a hardier species of grass, while other areas that are more decorative than active will support a less hardy type. 

Best Time to Plant Grass Seed in Texas

When to seed grass in Texas? For optimal growth, it’s essential to plant grass seed in the ground before or after the summer heat, so spring and fall are the optimal seasons for planting your lawn in Texas.

This will give the grass seed the time it needs to develop a healthy root system so it can withstand both temperature and rainfall variations in the hotter and colder months.

If you are wondering when to lay sod in Texas, the rule remains the same: lay your sod in spring or summer. 

Also, note that most grasses do experience a dormant period through the winter months and may go brown during that time. If you want a lawn that remains emerald green all year round, be sure to choose a species that doesn’t discolor as it goes dormant. 

It’s also important to know when to fertilize your lawn in Houston for the best results.

Best Turf Grass to Choose for Your Texas Lawn

Houston’s environment supports many species of turf grasses, and you can choose yours based on how it suits your specific location and need.

best grass for Houston

The two most popular Houston grass species are Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass. Bermuda grass is drought tolerant and supports heavy traffic, while St. Augustine grass is best used as a decorative lawn and tolerates a lot of shade. 

Houston Texas Turf Grass

Houston enjoys a perfect climate for growing grass. Understanding when and how to plant turf grass in Houston will ensure that your lawn is the perfect accent for any building. 

If you’re interested in our commercial lawn care services in Dallas or Houston, feel free to contact us today to get an individual quote.