Top 7 Houston Texas Landscaping Ideas for Every Taste

If you live in Houston, Texas, your landscaping options are almost limitless. They only depend on the architecture of your home, your personal taste, and the environment of your yard, as well as your goals.

You can find many modern Houston garden design pictures, but our team has decided to create a comprehensive overview of the top 7 Houston landscaping ideas. They cover almost every type of popular style and area in your front yards and backyards.

Landscaping for beginners can be hard, so make sure you create a map and possibly visualization to help you understand how your ideas will look like in the specific yard. 7 principles of landscape design help avoid a mess.

What are the 7 Principles of Landscape Design?

  1. Unity – Every aspect must go together. The easiest way to achieve it is simply to choose one style of landscape. For example, not mixing tropical with rock garden that could remind the Japanese zen garden style.
  2. Balance – Not using too much of specific element- color, form, or texture.
  3. Transition – Transition means a gradual change.
  4. Proportion – It can be achieved by thorough upfront planning. Always remember to save space for outdoor entertainment such as grilling.
  5. Rhythm – Is there a feeling of flow when looking at the landscape?
  6. Focal Point – Focal point is the element that you want to draw attention to. It could be a tree, fire bit, or hut tub.
  7. Simplicity and Repetition – Help to create Rhythm and Unity.

7 Houston Landscaping Ideas for Improved Curb Appeal

It always helps to assess the final plan for your Houston landscape design ideas as a whole while questioning if the mapping adheres to the above principles.

1. Try Low-Maintenance Landscaping Elements in Houston, Texas

A lot of residential landscaping in Houston. Smart and strategic planning includes thinking about maintenance. So what are the vital ingredients of low-maintenance landscaping in Texas?

Less lawn equals less work. That’s the best argument for hardscaping! Hardscaping includes the use of pavers, brick, wood, decorative stone. It has a lot of benefits. Apart from increasing curb appeal and your property value, hardscaping also reduce erosion and enhance the drainage. Think about including the following elements:


Rock Gardens or Xeriscaping are also a popular option for keeping lawn area to minimum. The word xeriscaping comes from the Greek word, xeros. It means dry.

low maintenance landscaping Houston

Xeriscaping is an excellent way to create a peaceful and very modern look. For example, Japanese Zen rock gardens provide a place for quiet reflection and contemplation. Xeriscape is definitely not just rocks.

Best Plants for Houston Landscaping

Opting for perennials. Unlike annual plants, perennials can bloom several years before they need replanting. See the best plants for Houston landscaping using perennials.

Houston landscaping ideas pictures

Make sure you include native plants to Houston, Texas. You can find plants databases online that are very helpful to identify truly native plans. They are better adapted and won’t keep you so busy. For example, Red Yuca is incredible, vast and helps solve many landscaping problems. It blooms throughout the summer.

Make sure you have plenty of evergreens too.

Blooming evergreen? Even better! Let us introduce you – Bottlebrush Tree (Callistemon).  If you are looking for a tree that can bloom colorful flowers this summer, this evergreen can bloom beautiful flower spikes.

Houston backyard landscaping ideas

Lazy or too busy for watering? Then succulents will help you to create a genuinely original landscape. Succulents are excellent for Texas. Choose from the following: Agaves, Opuntias (prickly pears), Aloes, Haworthia, Gasteria, Kalanchoes, and Euphorbia. All you need is a raised bed that helps create a structure for your landscape.

flower bed ideas Houston

Choose the best low-maintenance ground covers. Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata) is excellent to cover the side of a hill or retaining wall. Low maintenance Houston landscaping ideas requires planning. Low maintenance landscaping doesn’t mean less beautiful. Creating a sense of flow and enhancing the natural qualities of the yard can be done by Texas landscaping professionals.

2. Use Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The front yard is usually the place where you can demonstrate the principle of unity and flow. Hardscaping and having a focal point can be a good start.

Do not forget the patio. Use it to create an even better design of the front yard.  The best patio plants for Houston are:

Light up the Front Yard with Lighting Solutions

You can illuminate both the beauty of the plants and create additional landscape features.  There are different outdoor lighting techniques for highlighting plants, structures & walkways. You can use such methods as silhouetting. A spread light is positioned between plant, fountain, or a sculpture, and an inline construction. Moonlighting is another excellent method. Fixtures are situated in a tree and pointed downward. If you have a patio, it is a great way to highlight it’s features and possibly plants.

Texas landscaping ideas lighting

3. Houston Pools Landscaping Ideas

Have a pool in your yards? Great! It makes landscaping so much easier.

You have to take into account the location of your pool. Another factors that determine which plants to choose will be: the amount of sunlight, chlorine water, and what type of feeling you want for your pool.

Best plants to put around a pool in Texas are:

Houston Texas landscaping ideas pool

4. Mid-century Landscaping Ideas

Love mid-century style? Postwar mid-century modern homes are designed to blend indoor and outdoor living. Homeowners could view their gardens through floor-to-ceiling windows. If you develop your choosing mid-century style, then your family and guests can easily interact with the outdoor environments. Elements such as sliding glass doors and patios leveling with interior floors allow us to experience this blending.

Mid-century modern garden designs usually are humble and not overcrowded. The functionality of spaces is clear, and there is less complexity.

For example, the backyard includes a lush green lawn and a small rock garden. There is less planning, as only one area is used for plants.

Houston backyard ideas

5. Contemporary Landscape Ideas

Contemporary garden ideas today include neutral colors, minimalism, texture contrast, and curved lines. Contrasting textures play nicely and create a robust, enhanced effect. Landscaping professional usually play with the following:

– Grey stones work well with wood

– Cold white structures give beautiful aesthetics

– Small bushes can be used to draw lines

Contemporary design is especially widespread today as it combines everything that we seek today– minimalism, functionality, and clean, orderly image.

6. Add Elements of Tropical Landscaping

Texas is an excellent place to dream about the tropical landscape in your yard. It is easy to implement.  Tropical landscaping can add value to all of the other styles.

How do you know that you like tropical landscapes? Most of them are packed with details, beauty, and are breath-taking.

Are you searching for landscaping ideas with rocks? Then you most likely end up looking at the tropical landscaping.

Edible elements are also excellent addition for this style. You can have lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and Texas peaches for breakfast while enjoying the remarkable beauty of those trees.

Remember, tropical landscaping is never dull. You can mix many elements. It can take longer to create this landscape style, but the result will be worth it.

Finally, a tropical getaway is never complete without a comfortable outdoor lounging area.

7. Texas Backyard Landscape Design Ideas.

Finally, you should never forget backyard landscaping. A backyard is often a place for plants in pots. Invest in unique containers for plants. Make sure that you play with pots forms and sizes.

Plan and draw which plant will be the central piece and which ones will create contrast. Pots can structure your backyard while also giving you freedom for re-arrangements.

Texas Front Yard and Back Yard Landscaping Takeaways 

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