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Green Technology 

Silversand Services has a forward thinking focus on reducing waste, saving water and decreasing the carbon footprint as best we can while servicing our properties. We employ innovative landscape technology by "watering with purpose" through our Weathermatic SmartLink Controllers which reduces our customer's water usage up to 38%. Weathermatic's mission is to build water wells to provide clean water for those in need around the world. By partnering with Weathermatic, we have helped to build water wells in Sierra Leone, Zambia and Nicaragua. In addition, through the use of our robotic automowers, we provide the benefit of reducing emissions and our carbon footprint. Using robotic automowers allows us to use less fuel while simultaneously providing a clean cut turf for our clients. 

Silversand Services has experience in helping our client's achieve their LEED certifications through thoughtful interior and exterior plant selections and installations. Our willingness to work in conjunction with landscape architects is key in meeting the standard for green building design. 

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