When to Stop Watering Your Lawn for Winter in Texas

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn in the Fall?

Because of the harsh Texas climate, many residents are unsure of the best lawn watering schedule to follow. It’s not uncommon for our clients to ask – should I water my lawn in the winter?

If you’re unsure of the seasonal details when it comes to taking care of your yard in the chillier (and freezing) months, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover all the specifics.

When Is It Too Cold to Water Grass?

It’s a “given” for most of us. We know we need to water grass during those blazing summer months. In fact, many residents even plan their landscape around using the best grass for Texas heat, so they can maintain a beautiful lawn.

how often should I water my lawn in the winter in Texas

You may be tempted to stop watering the lawn in fall, but don’t get stingy with the water yet. It’s not a good idea to abruptly stop watering if you want your lawn to come back strong in the spring.

If your lawn is receiving at least one inch of water per week during the autumn months, then you do not have to water it. Diseases can set in if your lawn is receiving too much moisture. Remember that the days are shorter, and the sun doesn’t hold its intensity for nearly as long as the summer months.

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When to Stop Watering Plants in Fall

If you’re wondering when to stop watering the lawn in Texas, as well as other plants, we’ll give you the rundown here. It’s usually warm in Texas well into September and October. As soon as the temps begin to drop, you certainly notice. Just because you’re breaking out the jackets and boots doesn’t mean it’s time to stop watering your lawn.

Don’t think about forsaking your watering duties until the ground freezes. When the ground is frozen, the water won’t make it down to the root zone because the hard, frozen soil acts as a barrier.

In general, it’s best to continue watering your grass during the fall. You’re likely not seeing frigid, freezing temps for long periods of time just yet. Know that your lawn is benefiting from the sprinklers.

Simply because your human eye can’t see the fall growth doesn’t mean it’s not happening. A slow-release fertilizer is great to apply as you keep watering.

How Do You Know When Ground Is Frozen?

when to stop watering lawn in Texas

When winter approaches, you’re naturally asking yourself, “When should I stop watering my lawn?” To answer that question, you need to know when the ground is officially considered “frozen.” Here’s the short answer: When the ground contains water and the temp falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for several consecutive days, you have seasonally frozen ground.

Water in the ground becomes ice. It freezes between the tiny pebbles, rocks, and soil. Remember that, in all of this, you must consider ground temperature. It’s different from the temperature you’re experiencing in the air.

In the winter, the surface of the ground cools, but the deeper layers are probably still warmer. The cold top layer insulates the levels beneath. If your lawn has a sandier soil type, expect the ground to freeze sooner. If it’s dense like clay, then it will take longer to freeze. The particles are closer together in the denser soils, and the freezing process slows.

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When to Stop Watering Lawn Grass for Winter

Should I water grass in winter? Temperatures matter. To get a good idea of what’s happening under your grass, you’ll need to monitor the weather. The length of time that the air is cold is a determining factor. The longer a cold spell endures, the more time the ground has to freeze.

when to stop watering grass in Texas

So, do you water grass in the winter? If it’s a cold winter, no. If it’s mild, then you can keep at it depending on the rainfall in your region.

Anticipate needing to water your lawn during the fall to keep your grass healthy and prepared for the long-term. But remember, you’ll be watering in vain if you’re doing so when the moisture is high and when the lows have been at or below freezing for an extended time.

Winter Lawn Care Texas

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