Best Grass for Texas Heat – Drought-Resistant Grass in Texas

The entire state of Texas is known for moderate winters and very hot summers. While the residents of Houston seldom see temperatures of more than 100 degrees, we do see a lot of days hit 90 degrees or more. Even in a coastal area, water usage can become a problem. That’s why you need to invest in heat-tolerant and drought-resistant grass in Texas for your residential and commercial properties.

Finding the right grass variety is essential for the appearance of your lawn.

Common Types of Heat-tolerant Grass in Texas

Fortunately, you can choose from several heat-tolerant grass varieties that will work in South Texas and lessen the frequency of your lawn watering schedule in Houston.

What is the Best Grass Seed for Texas?

Consider the following types of grass for a drought-proof lawn.

Bermuda grass is prized for its ability to withstand drought and cheerfully absorb the full sun. It also takes high traffic well, so if you love to hold family parties or host flag football games, this may be the lawn grass for you. Plus, it’s easy to care for as well as hard to kill.

Do expect to mow your lawn frequently because it grows fast and tall. For Texas residents, the heat-tolerant Bermuda grass is an obvious, practical choice.

This variety is known for its ability to survive and thrive with little or no water and in high heat. Zoysia grass is equally fond of sun and shade so that it will work well under and near your trees. Many homeowners enjoy the look and feel of the thick green carpet it provides.

Some varieties of Zoysia grass are hardier than others. You can choose from several lawn grass types that are particularly drought-resistant, including El Toro, Empire, and Palisades.

best drought tolerant grass Texas

This lawn grass type is another warm-climate favorite for drought-resistant turf. It provides a nice green lawn that can handle average foot traffic. St. Augustine grass does enjoy a little shade, so it’s great for lawns with at least a few trees.

If you choose this type of drought-resistant lawn grass in Texas, you will enjoy a green lawn during even during the dormant months.

best grass for Texas heat

Texas residents may well fall in love with buffalo grass. Named because buffalo did, in fact, graze on it, this lawn grass is a natural choice for drought-resistant lawns.

Buffalo grass grows to about 4-6 inches tall but curls over to make it look shorter. As a result, you may choose to mow it rarely, if at all. It requires little water and fights off weeds and disease.

best drought-resistant grass Texas Buffalo

Looking for insider Houston lawn care tips? For a lawn that takes very little effort to maintain, buffalo grass is the best option. Plus, you’ll be helping to restore native Texas grasses.

Another natural choice is Bahia grass, especially if you have poor soil. It is drought, insect, and disease resistant and loves full sun. It does not do well in the shade, however, and coverage can occasionally become thin.

Overall, this variety is a hardy and easy-to-manage lawn grass.

Best Lawn Grass for Texas Heat and Drought

Texas weather can produce attractive lawns. Consult the lawn experts at Silversand Services for advice on the best Texas heat-tolerant and drought-resistant lawn grass types for Texas heat and drought.

Drought can be a problem for Texans, so choosing the right grass seed or drought-resistant sod can make all the difference when it comes to the appearance of your residential or commercial property.

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